Confidential Counseling

Providing culturally competent counseling for first responders and public safety personnel is of utmost importance when it comes to understanding the unique stressors associated with these professions.

Dr. Roland has been working with public safety employees and their families for over 20 years, and as a result has expertise in working with the specific needs and experiences of this population.

Direct, cognitive based approaches are used with a strong emphasis on understanding how physiology impacts psychological functioning, particularly as it relates to the stressors that are everyday componentsof the work of peace officers, firefighters, dispatchers and other personnel working with these first responders.

Common reasons for public safety personnel seeking therapy include mood impairment, depression, anxiety,and both acute and long-term stress reactions. Relationship counseling is also a frequent focus of treatment whether it is working with individuals or couples. Family treatment is an option, although dependents/minors are seen in limited circumstances. Organizational issues and stressors are addressed as well, recognizing that working in complex, fast paced and high stress environments present distinctive challenges to individuals.

Confidentiality is critical in this work, and we work hard to maintain our client’s confidence in their privacy. In cases where individuals are referred in by supervisors or co-workers, issues of confidentiality are clearly discussed and delineated so that both employees and employers know what information will or will not be disclosed during the course of treatment.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment please contact the office to see if you are a covered entity based on the services delineated in your employer’s contract. Private patients may be accepted, however these are fee based and insurance is not accepted.