Consultation Services

Crisis and Hostage Negotiation Team Consultation

Dr. Roland has worked as a mental health consultant to Crisis and Hostage Negotiation Teams since 1993. She currently works actively with three (3) departmentsí Negotiation Teams which includes responding to emergency call-outs and attending regular training days.

She has attended 40-hour Basic Negotiation Schools with the Los Angeles Police Department, the FBI and San Jose State University and an Advanced Update School also through San Jose State University.

She has been a member of the California Association of Hostage Negotiators for over 20 years, and presented at both the annual conference and regional training.

Consultation For Executives And Managers

Questions arise on a daily basis for those running and managing public safety agencies. These include inquiries about personnel management, psychological suitability and stability, caring for individuals following critical incidents, and methods and approaches to improve organizational functioning to name a few.

Dr. Rolandís experience with myriad agencies offers leaders and supervisors a wealth of knowledge to draw from in identifying, intervening and solving problems regardless of complexity.

Peer Support Programs

Developing, training, supporting and working hand-in-hand with peer support is a particularly satisfying component of Dr. Rolandís practice.

Peer Support is an invaluable tool for law enforcement and public safety agencies ranging from day-to-day individual contacts to group critical incident stress interventions following line-of-duty events.

As a mental health consultant to these teams, Dr. Roland works to expand organizational wellness through trained paraprofessionals who are imbedded in agencies 24/7.

She wrote a chapter for the Handbook of Police Psychology (2011) titled ďDeveloping and Maintaining Successful Peer Support Programs in Law Enforcement Organizations.