Dr. Roland is a licensed psychologist who is board certified in police and public safety with over 23 years of experience working with law enforcement, fire, probation, dispatch and non-sworn personnel and their agencies. She practices in all four domains of police and public safety psychology, and is therefore able to provide a wide variety of services to those working the front-line as well as executives and managers. A comprehensive knowledge base of this employment environment translates to an understanding of the intensity of the milieu and the stressors that are unique to this field of employment.

Compassion for the men and women who have chosen to serve their communities in this field drives Dr. Roland’s desire to provide expert and efficient service. Attention to detail, expedient service and a collaborative relationship with individuals and agencies has helped her to grow her practice, making her a leader in the central valley of California. Dr. Roland contracts with over 50 public safety agencies in California.

Confidential counseling, critical incident and officer-involved shooting debriefing, preemployment psychological screenings, fitness-for-duty evaluations, training on a variety of topics, consultation for supervisors and organizations are among the many services provided.

Dr. Roland is a member of a number of professional organizations which focus on her specialty area. She is presently the Secretary and Treasurer of the American Board of Police and Public safety Psychology, and holds the same position on the Council of Organizations of Police Psychology. She is a Past Chair of The International Association of Chiefs of Police, Police Psychological Services Section as well. By remaining active in the field in a leadership role, Dr. Roland is working towards increasing respect and the reputation of police and public safety psychology as a specialized practice area.

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    With over 20 years of nearly exclusive experience working professionally with public safety, Dr. Roland has had multiple opportunities for exposure to the multiple facets of the demands of the many positions in the employment field.

    She has worked as a psychological consultant to special weapons teams, air support work groups, public safety dispatchers, crisis and hostage negotiation teams and peer support teams.


    Success comes from knowing the landscape.

    Having worked for large organizations such as the Los Angeles Police and Sheriff’s Departments, as well as, smaller agencies with as few as 20 employees, Dr. Roland understands the different types of demands employees and executives face in the day-to-day requirements of their positions.


    Police officers, deputies, correctional officers, dispatchers, firefighters and public safety support personnel work around the clock, 365 days a year.

    Emergencies happen any time of the day or night. Our office strives to provide a responsive environment where these needs are met, taking into account that the psychological needs of these hardworking women and men are priority number one.